Crystal Maoi Carving~CRCRMAOI

$ 65.00

Quartz & Matrix Crystal Maoi Head Carving~CRCRMAOI. Seahorse reminds one to be persistent in your goals. However, you should also make sure that you are not too inflexible and stubborn in achieving them. Seahorse  is letting you know that it is time for you to make your move, you may have been procrastinating too long with what makes you feel safe. Let go and take the plunge towards making your dreams a reality. People with the Seahorse totem are the knight in shining armor, they will sacrifice their own needs to help others. They have a strong desire to protect the young and those weaker than themselves. They have a gentle strength and serenity about them. Quartz is an energy amplifier, providing power and clarity to the wearer. It is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. It is said to harmonize and align human energies. Quartz can be used to facilitate both speaking with, and receiving information from, the spiritual and other-worldly masters, teachers, and healers. It aids one in reaching and utilizing the talents and abilities of the mind. It enhances self-acceptance and self-love. It also helps to purify the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, and is a healer of negativity associated with ones perspectives and judgments. It aids one in directing ones energy to toward the spiritual realm, toward the light, love, and harmony of the planet, teaching one to live, laugh, and love with all brothers and sisters. One can "program" quartz with a prayer, making it a constant prayer generator, sending the message and energy of the prayer out into the heavens. The energy of quartz is asking you to clarify yourself so that the universe can provide you with the answers to your prayers. The message is that you are a reflection of the clarity of the Divine mind. 87mm x 39mm x 48mm

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