Chumpi Stones

$ 99.00

One (1) Set of 7 Pieces Chumpi Stones in drawstring bag. Chumpi Stones (sometimes called Apu Stones) are alabaster like stones from the Peruvian Andes used in shamanic healing. These stones are worked with for clearing the energy centers, protective work, and grounding work. "Chumpi" is a Quechua word that means "belt". This refers to the stones use in administering what is called "The Bands of Power" ceremony. The Bands of Power are protective rings or fields of energy that surround a person. They are each linked to an energy center and act to seal a person's energy field and ward off harmful energies that would normally find their way through our natural energetic defenses. The word "Apu" is the Quechua word for "mountain" and refers to the stones' link to the Sacred Mountains. Each stone is linked to a Sacred Mountain and carries the energy of that mountain with it. When the Chumpi Stones are placed upon a person, they are said to wake up the energy of the mountains as well, which enables a person to ground and anchor themselves within their own power, firm, strong, and self-empowered. The Chumpi Stones are also worked with to open, clear, and empower a person's energy centers. The Chumpis can draw out dense energy and blockages from the chakras, as well as open them and balance their flow. Comes with information sheet. Bag color varies.

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